Our hike begins on the plateau in the village of Katharo. We will walk on the plateau and head towards the church of Timios Stavros which is an approximate distance of 4km. We then start the descent into the canyon of Havgas.The scenery is just magnificent, we will see shepherds and their flocks, wild goats, vultures and eagles to name but a few and if you can visit in the spring, the wide variety of flowers and their colours leaves you with an unforgettable memory.Inside the canyon we head to ‘the ball’, a place the locals call Νεραιδακολυμπος  (fairy bath).From there we turn back to exit the gorge where a vehicle will be waiting to take us to Lassinthos Farm for a lovely visit before our dinner.

The plateau of Serenity.

Katharo Plateau has a rather special story. It is located 16km from Kritsa and 12km from the Lassithi Plateau and has an approximate size of 15 km squared but only 5 of these are cultivated!As indicated through its name ‘Katharo’, meaning clean, pure, natural, the plateau operates in this fashion with very little outside influences including no electricity and no running water, the residents must collect their water from the source and only people who have fixed addresses in Kritsa village are entitled to lease land on the plateau.From 1961-1981, according to the registry entries, the population of Katharo Plateau during that time was 0! The first inhabitants were registered in 1991 bringing the population to 4!During the Venetian period (1210-1669) the plateau was well maintained and different agricultural products were cultivated (apples, pears, almonds, wheat, barley, carob, honey) and many water mills were constructed for irrigation purposes.With the Ottoman period, the plateau was the property of one family only, the Haniali  (Χανιαλη) family.Also fascinating are the fossils that have been found of elephants, deer and hippopotamus’s dated at over 400,000 years ago and not to forget the amazing array of wild and rare flowers blossoming all over the landscape.





Days: Daily all year
Alti/Diff: 253m Downhill
Route Lenght: 11Km
Gorge Lenght: 2000 m
Suitable: For All Age
Type:Gorge Trails,Mountains Paths
Hours: 6
 Price: 70 Euro per person
Included in price
  • Baton sticks.
  • Raincoat (Depends on the Weather)
  • A Bottle of Water(0,5l)
  • Snacks (Cereal bars, Fruit, Nuts)
  • Vehicle (Return transfer from hotel)
  • Lunch After Hike (All the Products are Produced in Crete)
  • Guide
The entrance fee for the museums or archaeological sites is not included in the price.