Frequently Asked Questions

 I am insured?
  • The outdoor activities can’t be insured. You should find travel insurance suitable for outdoor activities. Our members are trained to give first aid.
  • What happens if the weather is unsuitable?
    The hike is either cancelled and we return your money back or arranged for another day.
  • If there is a sudden change in at the weather while we are at the trail what should we do?
    You should follow the instructions of the leader.
  • What if I cannot keep up or accomplish the hike?
    One of our guides will stay with you. He will take you to the closest place where our driver will pick you up.
  • What if someone gets injured?
    If someone gets injured we will give first aid until the rescue team arrives.
  • How can I book a hike?
    You can fill up the appropriate booking form at the hike you want to participate.
  • Which are the payment methods for a hike?
    Paypal, Credit card, Cash
  • Who are the people that will lead us?
    Experienced hikers with a great knowledge of the natural Cretan environment.