The Wild Beauty of Crete
 Days:  Daily all year
 Alti/Diff: 345m
 Route Lenght: 7Km
Gorge Lenght: 2750 m
 Type: 2 (Few Difficult Spots)
 Hours: 4
Plateau of Serenity
Days: Daily all year
Alti/Diff: 253m Downhill
Route Lenght: 11Km
Gorge Lenght: 2000 m
Type:Gorge Trails,Mountains Paths
Hours: 6
The Footsteps of Minoans.
Days: Daily all year
Alti/Diff: 466m
Route Lenght: 11Km
Type: Hiking Paths
Suitable: All Year
Hours: 5

About Us

The idea of Hiking Crete derived from our amateur explorations through the small and beautiful hiking trails on Crete.
Our biggest wish is to show you a different side of Crete. We want to offer our visitors the great opportunity to get in touch with the unique and unknown Cretan nature.
We will guide you in beautiful trails, gorges and villages where you will be able to admire the magnificent Cretan nature and feel the hospitality of Cretan people.
In order to accomplish our wish we have chosen trails with low difficulty level and easy accessibility making it possible for almost everybody to participate in our excursions.

The Hiking Crete team consists of people with hiking experience, passion and respect for nature. We are also trained to give you first aid when needed. We hope you enjoy our trails and live a memorable experience with us.
Looking forward to seeing you on one of our trails in the near future.

All Our Destinations Have Deep History Trails..

Discover the trails of modern and ancient Crete!
The tours we chose are suitable to most of you. Either you are used to hike or not. You should be aware, though that the terrain of our routes is often rocky. It is the nature of the Cretan terrain. In our tours we will go through places were our history was written.

Our goal is to bring together locals and visitors so to feel the Cretan hospitality, known from old times. Many wild animals will be on our way. Large raptors such as vultures, eagles and wild goats

Each hike ends with a meal in a local tavern. There, you will have the chance to rest for a while and taste some delicious Cretan “meze” before our way back.

What you will need:

  • Hiking or Sport Shoe (No flip-flops)
    • Backpack (In case you do not have we are able to provide you one after you notify us )
    • Cap or skull cap (winter), Hat, Sunscreen, Sunglasses.
    • Second Pair of Socks
    • Second T-Shirt
    • Extra Snack or Water
    • Clothes Appropriate for the weather
    • And of course don’t forget your camera!